New rumors about the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 appear

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After the first rumors about the upcoming  Mi Note 2,  there is the first pictures and information on the technical data of the new flagship smartphones.

Update 09/05/2016 – Mi Note 2 Presentation

Now a first official promo image has surfaced, showing an idea of the Mi Note 2 on 24 September 2016th



Source: PhoneArena


Update 8/31/2016 – first real photos leaked from the Mi Note 2

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After various render images of the Mi Note 2, the first alleged real photos of the new Xiaomi flagship are now surfaced. In the pictures is clearly the Curved Display to see and thus one does not display border more on the side. Whether this is practical in everyday life, divorced yes still tempers. Visually of course, always a treat.


Update 14/08/2016 – first render images of the Mi Note 2

Now the first render images for Mi Note 2 have surfaced and I must say, the look damn already yummy. So a kind of the mix between the Mi5 and Galaxy Note 7. Both at the top and bottom of one recognizes the highly rounded corners, which should provide a good feel. Making the images definitely ever hungry for more.


Feng Weiwen of Shenzhen Digital Technology should already know the inside information the first specifications.

So shall the Mi Note 2 products appearing in three variants. The basic version will then be equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 processor, 6GB RAM, only one camera lens, hi-fi audio and quick charge function. The second variant is on the back have a 16-megapixel dual camera and also Snapdragon 821, 6GB RAM, Hi-Fi audio, quick charge function. The top model is a Curved-Display have also SD821, 6GB RAM, 16MP dual cameras, Hi-Fi Lite, quick charge function. All three variants then have a 5.7-inch display with a 2K resolution of 2560 × 1400 pixels and a 3600 mAh battery.



The now surfaced picture should show the Mi Note 2 front panel. Note the rounded sides of the display glass (Curved Glass), which the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge looks very similar to a purely visual. The Mi logo at the top left on the panel. Further down clearly seen the notch of the Home button, which is similar to the Mi5 well.



The latest rumors speak of a possible release on September 5, but that’s all up to now only very vague.

Source: Gizmo China

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