Xiaomi launched the Roidmi glasses with anti-UV protection

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If you remember this is because you saw a few days ago Xiaomi announced that it was launching a new product to market, but did not tell us what it was, well, today we can say that what they advertised were glasses Roidmi with protection against ultraviolet rays.

These glasses are launched under the brand Roidmi, which is the same that Xiaomi uses for its line of car chargers. The main function of the Roidmi glasses is to protect the eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. According to the company, the glasses can block 99.99% of ultraviolet rays. As you well know, exposure to these rays can cause eye damage such as cataracts or damage to the retina.
If we do an unboxing, we can see that when opening the box the user will find three compartments. In one of them, we find the grinding of the glasses, in another two pairs of pins, and in the last two pairs of nasal platelets. In the two pins, we find the name of the mark, and the same thing happens in the nasal platelets. As you can see, you do not need a screwdriver to color the pins, since you only have to wait to hear the “clip” to know that they are well placed. Also, they are very light since they only weigh 21 grams once they are mounted. Xiaomi claims that the glasses are resistant to scratches, and also incorporates an oleophobic (oil repellent) coating. The price of these glasses with anti-UV protection at the moment has not been announced, so we will be attentive to new news.

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