Xiaomi Claims the Redmi Note 4 Exploding Video is Fake

Siddhesh SonjePosted by

Xiaomi has been one of the best brands in an Indian market. But recently, Xiaomi Mi faced some issues about Redmi Note 4, as it was allegedly seen exploding in a video. The news was fake as per the reports from Mi.

The blast occurred in Bengaluru and Arjun, the owner of the Redmi Note 4.The smartphone was damaged substantially in the blast.The damage was due to the use of faulty third party charger used by the customer.Mi investigated deeply after which the details were out on this issue. Even the customer has received a replacement for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 from the company.

You can check the statement given by Xiaomi Mi in the above picture. As per the statement,they also checked out the CCTV cameras of Poorvika store and the video has nothing to do as it was irrelevant from the video which was viral on the web.

The issue was raised by a member of a blogging page which was using an irrelevant video and made a big issue on the internet. Xiaomi also said that they are going to take legal actions against the publishers of the post.

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