WannaCry came to Android, Be careful !

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A variant of ransomware called WannaLocker began infecting mobile with the Google operating system.

Since the recent irruption of the WannaCry ransomware, less intense cyber attacks with similar characteristics have continued to be repeated. Now, security firm Avast claims that even an Android version appeared.

The variant is called WannaLocker and acts very similar to its predecessor. First, it infects the MicroSD card (external storage). It then extends to the file system and locks the device. It then requires a ransom of about 40 yuan (about $ 6). The payment for the rescue must be made through Alipay or WeChat.

The source of infection appears to be an unofficial plugin for the King of Glory game. Once installed, it takes only a few seconds to encrypt the entire storage.

The main threat of this new malware is that others take it by example and adapt it, making it even more threatening worldwide.

The difficulty in fighting these attacks is that antivirus programs are practically useless when it comes to preventing a user from installing a malicious app.

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