3 Applications To Find the Ideal Wallpaper

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Each and every one of us even a little customizes our mobile, and that the capabilities and possibilities of Android in this area are practically endless. However, one of these most common customizations sometimes, usually the most difficult of all: the wallpaper.

These are the best applications wallpapers

Indeed, in the PlayStore we can find several applications that make us the dirty work: collect and gather all kinds of wallpapers so we can navigate between them and choose the ones you like best. Today we show 3

1. FlatWallpapers

Flat Wallpapers is one of the first applications I remember my first use in Android. Despite that accumulates over the years, continues to modernize and updated from time to time.

Most of them are Quad HD resolution and are organized into several categories, such as circles, colors, galaxies, landscapes or patterns.

Play Store | FlatWallpapers (Free)

2. Artego Walls

Wallpapers continues with current fashions flat we have seen in the previous application: the Material Design. Introduced in Android 5.0 Lollipop, the Material Design has been present in most of the wallpapers of some stops range, especially those with the Nexus label.


If you are a lover of this current, Artego is your application, with more than 120 wallpapers to resolution FHD stored in the cloud. They also play a somewhat strange condition: they are oriented vertically, so do not be the square on your tablet.

Play Store | ARTEGO Walls (Paid)

3. Papers.co

The successful website Papers. Co is passed to the world as Android app, where you will find 4000 or more wallpapers easily organized into categories.


From fantastic landscapes to fan arts of superheroes and passing patterns as minimalist, if Papers.co does not find your wallpaper I do not know where you will. Then download it totally free:

Play Store | Papers.co (Free)

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