Vivo Xplay 7 comes with Under Display Fingerprint Sensor

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The Smartphone in question is Vivo Xplay 7, just what Qualcomm showed in the demo of the MWCS 2017 frame

In the leaked images we notice how Vivo pushes to point out that your Smartphone has an integrated sensor in the display located down, right near the lower edge!

For the rest, the design resumes Galaxy S8 lines (including edge edges to display) even though these first images seem to have slightly more frames than the latter.

On the back, there is a Dual Camera in the vertical with a dedicated LED flash and a full aluminum surface.

Last year, the predecessor Vivo Xplay 6 , was undoubtedly considered to be a top of the range (Snapdragon 821, QHD display, 6 GB of RAM, etc) and was announced towards the end of the year: in November!

So, unlike Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8, Vivo no doubt has more time to fine-tune that technology that is likely to come true again towards the end of the year.

Can a “minor” company arrive where a Major fails? It looks like you, down the hat for Live if you keep your expectations!

But tell the truth that Qualcomm gave you a big hand!

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