How To Use Linux In Windows10

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Microsoft added a really cool feature in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. They gave users the ability to use the Linux Bash Command Line from within Windows. This is not through a virtual machine nor container, but a subsystem that they previously added in an earlier Windows update.

First Download the Anniversary Update :

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Here’s how you can enable Linux in Windows 10:

?  go into the start menu and search for the Windows Update Settings.


?  Go to the tab that says “For Developers” and enable Developer mode.


?  Then go into Programs and Features. Select the option to turn Widows features on or off. In the Window, select the option “Windows Subsystem for Linux” then reboot your computer.


? Now, when you type in bash in the start menu, you should see the bash command line. When you launch it, it will run the setup.

? That’s it, now you have access to the Linux command line and even the apt repository.




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