Twitch launches desktop app for game streaming

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The game broadcasting/streaming platform has announced it’s launching the aptly titled Twitch Desktop App. It will allow users to access the core features, private messaging, streaming, watching other’s stream and participating in chats.

This Twitch Desktop App will be available on 16th March as an open beta. Anyone will be able to download it for free. This App will be like Curse which was acquired by Twitch in August 2016.

Users will be able to send private messages, will able to share their activity. Users will able to share screens, voice and video calls and there will be tools to set up community servers. Twitch is also planning to launch its own downloadable games store. So, users will be able to download and stream games at one place. Twitch is planning to launch this later in this spring. This desktop app will be rival for the world’s best Gaming platform Steam.

Let’s see how users like this Desktop app. We expect more features in this Desktop app from Twitch.


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