Tutorial For Decompiling & Compiling Apk By CrYsTAxiT

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A StartUp Tutorial For Decompiling & Compiling Apk By CrYsTAxiT

 Required Materials for Modding
1. Windows Powered Ordinary PC.
2. Apktool.
3. Your Brain And A lot of Patients.

 Lets Get Started

1. Download and Copy apktool from here.
Download Apktool
 Basic Terms 
1. Mod :- Modification.
2. Decompile :- Decompile means decompress the apk to mod.
2. Recompile/Compile :- Recompile/Compile means turning back the decompiled apk back to apk file.


 How To Decompile Any APK
1. Install The Latest Version Of Java from the link provided in the kit. (reboot after installing)
2. Open the apktool tool folder which you have downloaded and paste .apk of the app which you want to decompile.
3. Now open command prompt of for the current folder (i.e. apktool).
4. Now Write ” apktool d your_apk_name.apk ” (apktool d WhatsApp.apk) [Without quotes].
5. Your Apk is decompiled with it’s apk name.

How To Compile Back / Recompile
1. Open the command promp again which you had open before.
2. Now write ” apktool b your_apk_name” [Without Quotes] (apktool b WhatsApp).
3. Your apk is recompiled, in the same folder app which you have decompiled in the dist folder.
4. Then you need to sign that apk to run it on your Android smartphone.

How To Assist All XML , TXT & Smali file to N++ (must do to boost modding procedure )
1. Right Click On Any .xml file , choose Properties and a popup box will appear!
2. Click On The Change button , now hit Browse in the lower-right area.
3. Browse The Path Of notepad++.exe which should be Desktop>Khan Tutorials Kit>NotePad++ Wtih XML Tools PreEmbedded>notepad++.exe!
4. Hit Apply , Follow the same procedure for txt and smali files.

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