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Top 6 Free Icon packs to Customise your Android

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Believe it or not, Personalising mobile devices is incredibly important to users.Even the least tech-savvy will want to personalize their phone after some time. Changing wallpaper of the phone is the smallest step towards it. If you take a step towards more advanced customization,

It is totally possible to completely modify your phone the way you like it. There are different launchers, Widgets, fonts and icon packs available on Play Store.

There are many Icon packs available on Play store so it is really difficult for users to choose one from them, That’s why we have decided to help you save your time and money by presenting some of the best free Icon packs available on the Play store.

Most of the Icon packs listed here require you to install a launcher first. After that, you can install the Icon pack itself, and apply it through Launcher setting dialogue.

Top 6 Icon packs

1. VOXEL | Best Icon Pack

Shadow effect with bright colors makes VOXEL icons unique and different from others. This Icon pack gives you more than 1900 square icons to arrange on your screen. This gives your screen a neat and tiled look.If somehow an app icon is missing from the set, Voxel will make it fit into the theme, so you don’t have to worry even if you are using a less popular app on your phone. Last and the best part is Voxel comes with dozens of wallpapers to choose from and an Icon request tool for the user’s convenience.

Supported Launchers: Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, Smart Launcher, ADW, GO, HOLO, Aviate, Atom, Action launcher, KitKat launcher etc.

App Developer: Benas Dzimidas.

Price: Free.

2. Silhouette | Best Icon Pack

Silhouette is really unique and artistic Icon pack available on Play store. This Icon pack makes a clever use of shadows, Outlines, and colors. This Icon pack has near 800 icons included, The number of icons is pretty small but it does offer icon masking for icons that are not yet added. From dashboard of silhouette you can request new icons and manage existing ones.

Supported Launchers: Use the Silhouette dashboard app to apply the icon pack.

Developer: Onyxdev

Price: Free.

3. Whicons | Best Icon Pack

This elegant Monochrome icon pack is my personal favorite from the list. Which will look way better and amazing if you use some dark themes with it. This Icon pack contains total 2732 icons in total so it should cover most of the apps you have installed on your android. This app also has its own dashboard app, where you can request for an icon, You can also download Whicons wallpaper, preview all icons, and set the icon pack as the default.

Supported Launchers: Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, Smart Launcher, ADW, Go Launcher, Aviate, Action, Solo, KitKat Launcher, Epic Launcher etc.

Developer: TomVer

Price: Free.

4. Vit Icons | Best Icon Pack

Vit icons will prove it you that white icons will not make your home screen look boring or dull. These beautifully designed icons will make your screen beautiful and attractive. The icons have a slight shadow and rounded corners to its edges, and you will get more than 2000 icons with this pack.

Supported Launchers: Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Action, Aviate, Smart Launcher, ADW, Holo, CyanogenMod 11 theme engine and more…


Price: Free.

5. Hexa Pulse | Best Icon Pack

Hexa icons are simple, yet superb the contrast between the dark border and the light background makes them pop out on your home screen. The best feature of this is the icons hexagonal shape – something you don’t see often when it comes to Android icons. Sadly, this icon set currently contains only around 150 icons, which is pretty less but you can still use it, since the most popular apps and actions are represented.

Supported launchers: ADW, Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Holo, Go, Action Launcher, and SSLauncher.

Developer: Aeris Designs

Price: Free.

6. MOKA | Best Icon Pack

Moka is a favorite Icon pack for Linux, If you are a Linux fan or You love the elegant yet simple look on Linux screen you’re going to love this Icon pack.This Icon pack has 650 icons and all of them are designed for high-resolution display. Moka includes the icon masking option for unthemed icons to ensure consistency.

Supported launchers: ADW, Apex Launcher, Go, Nova Launcher, Smart Launcher, Holo, Aviate, Action Launcher, and a few more

Developer: Moka Project

Price: Free.

That’s a Wrap!

Customization is one of the major highlights of Android, and it’s the small things like icons packs, widgets or the notification customizing that helps to bring about a personal touch to our phones. Did I miss to mention a favorite of yours? Do let us know why it happens to be The One for you, in the comments below.



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