Top Chinese Smartphone Brands Available In India

It is important to know which are the best brands of Chinese mobile because the market is saturated with them, as are products we do not know we can not trust anyone.

If you have convinced you none of the Chinese best mobiles this month, no problem, because as long as you choose a reliable brand phone will have a guarantee of quality, both components, and materials.

List of best brands of Chinese mobile phone

In this list you will find the best brands Free Chinese phones in value, taking into account the views of users, the quality of its components, and the price of the models of each segment.

It is not tidy, all brands have many different models and some are better in one segment and another in another segment.

Chinese high-end mobile

Starting with the high – end models that have the most powerful processors and efficient, and memory in amounts not so long ago seemed totally unnecessary, and cameras that are also among the best. Of course not missing the or reversible fingerprint sensor USB quick charge function among the highlights but also cases that are sensitive to pressure curved screens or resolutions QHD screens.


Xiaomi is currently one of the best brands, if not the best, Chinese mobile we have at our disposal, we could say that Apple is Chinese but with very competitive prices. It highlights especially for the clean design and care of their devices, the quality of materials, and the reliability of its hardware. It is no coincidence that the Xiaomi Note 3 redmi has become the Chinese mobile Top Sales.


One plus entered the Indian market in December 2014 with their  Flagship Killer phone. Its motto, “Never Settle,” represents the fledgling Chinese company’s mission to build and sell the perfect smartphone.OnePlus One with high-end specification and midrange cost. In 2016 we see the world’s first 6 GB RAM phone company launched.


Elephone is a brand with years of experience, which is now officially one of the best. Elephone phones like the P6000 or P8000 Elephone have left the competition behind with a performance/price ratio amazing. Very few brands can match your hardware, now they are phones that offer better performance in its price range.


Meizu today first with Xiaomi is disputed, although slightly higher prices place it just below. Their smartphones are of great quality and this year is launching new products for each better. If you are planning to buy a Meizu and doubt, choose the one you choose will surprise you, its design and high performance are above most brands, but yes, they are more expensive.


Another brand of Chinese phones that have excelled quickly in the mobile market, thanks mainly to its high – end smartphones with excellent specifications. Nowadays most popular midrange phone Selfie Expert OPPO F1s Hits the market. Oppo is one of the most famous brands.


Lenovo when we heard that name we always thought about PC, Laptops. World’s top PC maker in 2003. Android and Windows tablet market in 2011, began selling Android smartphones in 2012 and acquired Motorola Mobility from Google in 2014. Although he is known primarily for its Tablets, this Chinese brand also produces good quality Smartphones. Most successful series of Lenovo K  and Vibe Series.


This company was founded in 2002, known as a high – tech company and selling Smartphones of good features. One of the best-looking smartphones. Gionee is famous for its slim and attractive design.


Huawei is the largest mobile manufacturing company. Huawei is the most famous  Smartphone Brand Available In India for the Mid-Range segment. Huawei’s latest mobile launch is Nova Plus. The smartphone was launched in September 2016.

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