Top 5 Best New Icon Packs For Android 2017 (Free & Paid)

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Icon pack is simply an application that replaces all your stock icon with customized once. Without customization, your android device does not look good. Some launchers like Nova, GO can unleash the best Icon and Theme on your android phone.Best icon pack can help you to customized android device. In this article, we are going to take some close look at best Icon packs for android device.

1.Pixel Icon Pack – Nougat Free UI

If you want your android device to look like google pixels, then this is most preferable icon pack.This icon pack contains 3850+ beautiful round icons.This icon pack works with NOVA launcher, Go launcher And many others. Currently, over 500+ Thousand people download Pixel icon pack from Google Play Store.

2.Polycon – Icon Pack

Polycon Icon pack is another awesome and most popular icon pack available for android. It unveils a fresh new take on material design. Polycon icon pack offers vibrant and creative with unique icons, It provides 800+ Icon and 20+ HD wallpapers.Currently over 1 million people downloaded polycon icon pack from the Google play store.

3.Versicolor – Icon Pack










These icons are sure to bring a delightful look to your home screens and Android device. This re-design icon set is inspired by color. Each icon created to familiar.Over 2300 icons made in beautiful QHD resolution and a complete set of wallpapers.Currently over 250+ people downloaded polycon icon pack from the Google play store.

4.Cryten – Icon Pack

Cryten is another icon pack that is pretty cool. Cryten is a pastel looking icon pack with over 3670 icons themed as well. There is also a slew of wallpapers included within the app that will definitely make your smartphone look pretty nice.


As you can probably tell by the name, Materialistik, this is a material design icon pack with over 3300 themed icons. This is based on Google’s Material Design and Android M guidelines, so they look pretty darn good. There are also over 106 wallpapers available, all of which are in QHD resolution.

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