Tips to boost performance for (Windows 7, 8 , 8.1,10) (32-64bit)

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Microsoft Windows is the most used operating system in today’s world. Probably there are 1 billion windows user  in which 400 million users operates with window’s 10. Microsoft released over many versions of windows upgrading it year by year . The Most used Operating system were Windows  XP , Windows Vista , Windows 7 , Windows 8 , Windows 8.1 Windows 10 etc.

But Then too While using we face several problems like a lag, Boot failures , Very Slow Performance, System crash , Overheating etc. 

Here are Some tips To Boost Performance for Windows 7 ,8 , 8.1 , 10. (32-64 bit)

1: Disable Windows Animation Processing

  •  AS Animation looks good while browsing , but this reduces your performance as it consumes lot of energy.
  • To Disable this  : Right Click on Your My Computer – Click on Properties – Find System Protection – Find Advance and Click on it.
  • In Advance Tab go to Performance And check the settings.
  • In Visual Effect Column  Click on Custom and disable everything.
  • This will Disable all your windows Animation but It will give a lot boost to your Working Application.
System Properties

2: Delete Temporary Files.

While Browsing , Searching  Or Downloading Application Temporary files also knows as Temp Files are always created day to day , As this increases it slows the system. A Better option is to Clean this regularly.

  • To Do This : Press Windows key + R key Together.
  • A Dialog Box name Run Will Appear.
  • Write This Text :    “temp”  (Without inverted comma’s) and Press OK.
  • This Will locate you to C: \Windows\ Temp
  • Select all the Files by pressing Ctrl+a together and press Del key.

This Will Delete all your Temp files and will free some Memory.

In a same way again Press Windows key + R key and insert This ” %temp% ” (Without inverted comma’s). This will locate to your Extra temp files, Select all and then press Del key.

(Note Do this Process once a week and it will free your storage and also unwanted memory.)

Temporary files

3 : Change Your Power Options.

A power plan is a Collection of hardware and system settings (like Display Brightness , Sleep , etc.) Which manages how your computer uses power. Change Your Power Settings to High.

  • To Change This settings : Click on Windows key – Search for Control Panel – Click on it – On your Right side find view by and change that to Small icons.
  • Afterwords find Power options and click on it.
  • 3 options will be displayed Click on High Power.

(Note This may Consume a bit more Power and more Battery for “Laptops ” but it will definitely  boost processing speed. )

Power Options

4: Kill Unnecessary Application From Task manager  

Whenever you login in your computer , Certain Applications starts automatically which u don’t need  which consumes more ram.

  • To Disable This : Open Your Task Manager by Pressing Alt + Ctrl + Del Key Together.
  • Find Start up
  • Right Click on Any application That you Don’t Want to Start itself while Login to Windows.
Task Manager

5: Get A Genuine  Antivirus

Antivirus not only helps you to remove virus it can also boost and optimize your PC. There are various settings in Antivirus Which automatically.

  • Cleans your unwanted files time to time.
  • Protects your Browser to restrict cookies
  • Warns you to not install application from unauthorized source.

For Example 

Quick Heal
Net Protector






 6 : Clear Cookies from your browser. 

While surfing in any browser it may be Chrome , Opera ,Mozilla ,or Internet Explorer. Every surfed website automatically generates cookies which are saved in our Computer. Clear it always when you close the application.

For Ex : 

Open Chrome : Navigate to the 3 vertical  dots located at right side of the page.

Click on it and – search for settings and click it – You ‘ ll find Clear Browsing data in Advance Options Click on it. Select Time range to last 7 days. And then Press Clear , This Will Clear All your Cookies and data.

Increase Performance

Chrome Ssettings

This Are Some of  Tips To boost Your Performance in Windows,10

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