5 Tips for Public Wi-Fi Hotspot Security You Didn’t Know

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When we are going to choose a café, bar or entertainment area and we want to connect to the internet we choose the places where we have free WIFI! but we have always thought that just as we chose those places to connect to the internet, any Hacker can choose them to compromise our information? Well, it is, and we must follow some safety advice so that these people do not get in the way of the connection between the public access point and our devices.


5 Tips for connecting to a public WIFI

  1. Disable Sharing – When we are in a public place it is not usual to have to share files, so we must disable the sharing of files and folders from the control panel. 
  2. When we connect to the Wifi select the public tab, and if you ask us if we want to share we answer that NO. 
  3. It tries to have a program of security of internet (safe secure) to avoid intrusions not accepted in your system.
  4. It uses a VPN connection that encrypts the traffic if you need to connect to work subjects, VPN that uses encryption will avoid the theft of information by thirds people.
  5. Try not to get into places where you must enter passwords, bank passwords, and other personal data.

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