The new Google phones no longer be called Nexus

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Tremendous pump today! Rumors and leaked images of the new phones Google made it clear that the new devices would not carry the famous Nexus logo on the back , as was done from the mythical Nexus 4 and going to have only one G finder . Well, today, apparently, the news is confirmed.

Reports of Android Central report that with the new Google phones this year, Sailfish and Marlin ,will terminate the program Nexus .

What does this mean? Surely you can not say anything, but it is very likely to see a more aggressive customization by the company that develops Android on these new devices, becoming “a manufacturer”, having its own launcher based on the Google Assistant and having own functions , all very focused search new assistant .

Remains to be seen even if Google decides to keep the competitive price that had characterized theNexus over the years or if they decide to go for a price premium , as is already the range Pixel , which as we know, is the hardware developed by themselves.

It is expected that the new “Google Phones” be launched by the end of September or early October with all the new hardware that will come to the opening of the Assistant Google and Android 7.1.If new watches with Android Wear , Chromebooks and already presented Google Home .

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