Synaptics has a fingerprint reader to include phone behind glass

Siddhesh SonjePosted by

One of the problems with current fingerprint readers included in the phones is that they need to be in direct contact with the skin of users to operate. That involves a number of design constraints, which has led most manufacturers to place them in the back of the phone, and others placed in a physical home button on the front. Now Synaptics has announced the development of a reader who can go behind the front glass panel of phones and tablets.

The sensor is named for FS9100 and can go behind up to 1 mm glass cPer which can be used in a greater number of possible scenarios. It is more resistant, it does not degrade with scratches and is waterproof. It also eliminates the need for a cut in the glass to be used in the home button to have direct contact with the finger. Synaptics also promises low power consumption and extreme thinness of the sensor.

The first samples will be delivered to members of Synaptics to try them in early 2017, and mass production will perform well in the year.

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