‘Snap’ can be accessed from anywhere in the gadget drawer cabinets

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Search with thanks, starter Android operating system, and other system interfaces as well as many custom App gift types, you probably have little need to look for the app drawer cabinet App. Some phones at the factory, foundries have been consolidated into the main page one folder, the user-friendly access to a variety of categories App. However, if you want your home page to keep clean, and do not want whenever they need to return to the main page,













“Snap” the best thing is that no matter wherever you are on the phone, or is using any App, you can access the “Snap” gadget drawers, because it is not on the main page of your phone, but at the top of the drop-down notification area. So there is a need, as long as the pull-down notification area, you can “Snap” gadget drawer cabinets see all the gadgets to do the set, without the need for access back to the initiator.

just pull down the notifications area you can access all installed gadgets will be in the “Snap” gadget drawer cabinet.

Custom Configuration “Snap” is also quite easy, all the gadgets you have installed can access the “Snap” inside. Just pull down the notification area, and then select the gadget you want to access.


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