How to setup ADB and Fastboot properly

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Hey Folks. Today in this post, we will learn about how to setup Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and Fastboot in your computer. Also how to use it universally.

What is ADB and Fastboot?

The Android Debug Bridge (adb) is a development tool that facilitates communication between an Android device and a personal computer. This communication is most often done over a USB cable, but Wi-Fi connections are also supported.

adb is like a “Swiss-army knife” of Android development.


Google hosts zips including only adb-fastboot

  1. Download the tools
  2. Extract it somewhere – for example, C:\Users\<username>\adb-fastboot
 Pasting tools
Pasting tools
  1. On Windows 7/8:
    • From the desktop, right-click My Computer and select Properties.
    • In the System Properties window, click on the Advanced tab.
    • In the Advanced section, click the Environment Variables button.
    • In the Environment Variables window, highlight the Path variable in the Systems Variable section and click the Edit button.
    • Add;%USERPROFILE%\adb-fastboot\platform-tools to the end of the existing Path definition (the semi-colon separates each path entry).
  2. On Windows 10:
    • Open the Start menu, and type “advanced system settings”.
    • Select “View advanced system settings”.
    • Click on the Advanced tab.
    • Open the “Environment Variables” window.
    • Select the Path variable under “System Variables” and click the “Edit” button.

      adding environment path
      adding environment path
    • Click the “New” button.
    • Enter %USERPROFILE%\adb-fastboot\platform-tools and click OK twice

      adding environment path
      adding environment path
    • Install the universal driver,this will install necessary drivers in your computer so you can use ADB.

How to use

  1. Search



    and it’ll open command prompt.

    Adb search
    Adb search
  2. Type
     adb devices

    and lo, you don’t need to change directory to anywhere

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