Samsung has patented a smartphone with a rollable display

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The last days have proved to be a period particularly rich in the news for Samsung. The South Korean manufacturer has recently obtained a decidedly interesting series of patents. Last, not least, what sees the introduction of a rollable display.

Samsung plans a smartphone with a rollable display?

The patent was granted by the World International Property Office – OMPI for lovers of acronyms – which also showed the first images of the concept of the smartphone with a rollable display that the giant would have in mind to achieve. It is a very unusual device but at the same time very interesting. The display would be curved up to 180 degrees with the possibility of reaching even the back of the phone. According to the brand, the new panel is able to offer “a completely renewed user experience“, as well as a “decidedly more comfortable grip”.

Obviously, it is difficult to imagine the use of a smartphone with a displayable to go up to the back. In everyday life, it would be impossible to display an image or the content of an email or a web page.

The question to ask is the real use that Samsung intends to make of this technology in the mobile field. Difficult answer. The manufacturer has now accustomed users to their innovations. In fact, years ago a smartphone with the curved display would have been absurd and unthinkable to use. Yet the Galaxy Note Edge surprised everyone to incarnate in Galaxy S6 Edge the following year and in the current Galaxy S8 and S8 +.

So, Samsung whatever your plan, we hope that the innovation that will be made is such as to say “wow” again to the presentation of the smartphone with the rollable display.

SOURCE: Gizchina

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