Samsung Notch

Samsung Notch Spotted. Will it be Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ?

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Samsung Galaxy Notch?

Samsung Notch A well-known technology company, is getting a special patent for notched smartphone design. So, just like the iPhone X, Samsung Notch will be confronted with smartphones with a notched screen.

Samsung Notch



If smartphones with slim screen designs have become quite common lately, Samsung has not escaped attention because it has been away from it. The well-known company, after a long visit, realized the first net breakthrough in notched design. It was learned that the company was applying to get a notched design.

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With a lot of curved screen technology, This Device has been confronted with many products, and smartphones have also come up against extremely thin upper and upper layer devices. The Company does not want to lose some of its classic features even though it decides to skip notched design. There is a headphone jack on the bottom of the device. This is already evident in a leaked image of the patent applied.


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