Samsung Galaxy S10 Prototype Is All Screen with Invisible Bezels

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Fresh Opponent Find X has become a live example of how smartphones of the future will look like. And these are not empty words. In fact, already in the beginning of next year one of the leaders of the smartphone market will begin to use the same concept of design – Korean Samsung.

Rumors about the completely frameless design of the Samsung Galaxy S10 appeared on the network before. What’s the only information about using the new technology Sound on Display, which allows completely to abandon the traditional conversational dynamics, which functions will take on the display of the smartphone? And now these leaks have received quite tangible confirmation.

Samsung Galaxy S10 ?

A well-known leak searcher under the nickname Ice Universe published the first photo of the prototype flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10. The novelty received extremely narrow, almost absent frames on all sides of the screen. And this suggests that the gadget can get a long-awaited on-screen fingerprint scanner, an advanced camera in the style of the Oppo Fine X camera and a display capable of taking over the functions of the speaker.

Of course, before the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S10 is still about six months, and the design of the smartphone can undergo some changes. But the general direction of progress is understandable now.

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