Rumour: Google might ditch headphone jack in Google Pixel 2

Siddhesh SonjePosted by

The unconfirmed report from Google states that Google is planning to drop the headphone jack in upcoming Pixel 2. After Apple Iphone 7, LeEco Le 2, Moto Z now Google is planning too.

It states that, the “removal of the jack as a matter of fact”. This means the Google hasn’t finalized the features list for Pixel 2. Rumours are saying that Pixel 2 will be having Waterproofing feature.

Many companies are adopting the USB-C as a universal connectivity standard. Very few devices have opted to remove the audio jack from phones.

Let’s hope that, the Google Pixel 2 will be having latest generation processors and dual camera with supreme detailing. The Google Pixel 2 expected to launch in September 2017. We Expect more about this smartphone


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