Quick Charge 4.0 may offer up to 28W of power

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Charging even faster for smartphones with Qualcomm SoC future generation that will support the new fast charging Quick Charge 4.0 standard.

The growth of the battery capacity seems to have stopped, but there is one thing that continues to grow steadily the charging speed. It seems that Qualcomm is now in the process of introducing the fourth iteration of its fast charging technology, Quick Charge 4.0 (QC4), which, according to the latest rumors, could bring the power to 28W on supported phones.

For comparison, the current Qualcomm Quick Charge Technology offers power charging 18W, Huawei Super Charge reaches 22.5W while Oppo VOOC stops at 20W. The charge parameters should be 5V / 4.7A ~ 5.6A and 9V / 3A . Not have been mentioned voltage options of 12V or 20V, a fact which can be positive in the light of the fact that the high-voltage recharges cause an overheating of the battery.


The charging systems Super Charge Huawei and VOOC Oppo, for example, opt for a low voltage (5V) and a greater intensity of electric current (up to 5A). The voltage relative to Super Charge can also fall below the threshold of 5V to minimize the heat from conversion. Quick Charge 4.0 should in fact a new feature called  INOV (Intelligent Negotiation of Optimum Voltage), which should take care to select independently the ideal voltage for the battery being charged;presumably, he will be able to do better than Quick Charge 3, which can vary the voltage from 3.6V to 20V with step by 0.2V.


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