Qualcomm Clear Sight, another solution for dual lens cameras

Who he said that smartphones dual rear lens was a fad might want to think again. With Apple, LG, Huawei, and other manufacturers making the leap decisively to this technology with proprietary solutions, now Qualcomm which seeks to standardize a system that allows anyone manufacturer wishing to join this trend can.

Qualcomm recently unveiled Clear Sight, a process system for phones with the dual camera works on team-based Snapdragon 820/821, and a computational algorithm handling low light, all this coupled with pair of sensors that capture the same color photo and black and white, very in the style of the camera system present in the Huawei P9 and the Honor 8.

The idea behind Clear Sight is set to enhance the capture of light through the black and white sensor, which will catch up to 3 times more light than the color, but also integrates three characteristics that set it apart. High – speed autofocus to improve results in images taken abruptly, mapping the depth of field in photography taken to facilitate the segmentation of the subject and the background and so treat it as distinct layers, and the refocusing of those same layers to put emphasis on the detail you want.

We agree that both the Snapdragon SoC 821 and 820 are high – end and – therefore – give us cause to think that these first computers with a dual camera on a massive scale will not be much cheaper than those existing now. Anyway, Qualcomm is already working with several manufacturers to bring this technology to some of the upcoming devices that we will reach the windows.


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