PokéMesh, the app to track Pokémon, it works again! (Apk download)

Siddhesh SonjePosted by

You remember PokéMesh , one of the many useful applications to trace the locations of the Pokémon GO Pokémon made, but in Italy and equipped with many interesting features? Following the measures were taken by Niantic had, as well as the many other dedicated apps stopped working properly .
The development team has not given up, however, and through their social channels in recent days has always kept their fans updated about any progress or problems encountered in attempts to circumvent the blocks proposed by Niantic.
Apparently, something has moved , because the application is back to work , and not doing badly at all! The team has changed a little bit, like the Pokémon icons displayed on the map and some other small detail, but the operation has remained the same.

But PokéMesh no longer located in the Play Store, but you can download the official app, which does not require any permission unless the use of a Google Account (possibly not what it used to play) for access. Find the apk at this link , and if you wish to offer a coffee to developers even past the official site .

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