Pink Whale Challenge a cheerful option to Blue Whale Challenge? Can it defeat its Evil Twin Brother?

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The Blue Whale Challenge continuing to rear its ugly head worldwide, the Pink Whale Challenge comes as a measure to encourage life instead of suicide.

India is gripped by the Blue Whale Challenge as teen suicides surfaced in Mumbai, West Bengal and Kerala linked to the deadly game, a new game dubbed Pink Whale has now emerged. What is Pink Whale? Is it another deadly game? If these questions have been crossing your mind, here’s what you need to know.


Daily challenges for participants on the platform encourage goodwill and boosting self-confidence and happiness.


The Pink Whale, or as they call it – ‘Baleia Rosa‘, is an online challenge that was created as a “Happier alternative” of the Blue Whale Challenge.Born in Brazil in April, the Pink Whale Challenge aims to “prove that the internet can be used to visualize the good”.

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Pink Whale, just like a Blue whale, has 50 challenges thrown at players. But, these challenges in no way harm you or anyone. Instead of cutting into your wrist like the Blue Whale does the Pink Whale asks you to write on how much you love someone on your skin with a marker.

Other tasks include apologizing/forgiving someone, telling your family that you love them, unblocking a friend on a social networking site, to “yell I Love Myself in the middle of a street“, etc.

The Pink Whale Challenge’s final task instead of jumping off a terrace is to help someone in need, either a person or an animal.

The Blue Whale Challenge inspired people to inflict self-harm and suicide, Baleia Rosa promoted positivity, love, and spirit to save lives. We hope the Pink Whale manages to vanish its evil twin brother off the face of the internet.Share this post you can save someone’s life


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