Paytm Announces Toll Free Number for Transactions Without Internet

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Paytm Annouced a new feature that anyone will able to make payments using Paytm Wallet, whether that person have smartphone or not. But you need a PC or Smartphone to create Paytm Account and then link that account with your phone number. You need only a working phone (No need if Internet ) to make payment on day to day basis.


Paytm has launched Toll Free Number for this, 1800 1800 1234 – you will have to call it from your registered mobile number in order to set your PIN. You’ll hear a voice message letting you know that you’ll get a call back to set the PIN.


To use this feature, first you have to call on this number , then type the number of recipient, and then the amount. After that it will ask you for your PIN for confirmation. You don’t need your smartphone or Paytm App to do this. But, Remember this is not a best or easiest method to make payments but this will be very useful in some situations! Like , some older people or people from villages who can’t afford or use smartphones, they can use normal phone/mobile and make payments without internet connection and Paytm App.


Since they have announced this feature today, the toll free number is routinely busy. So it might take time to sign up and make payment for first time! 



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