Oppo’s new 5x dual-camera uses periscope technology to offer lossless zoom

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What the Chinese manufacturer finally showed us was a new technology dedicated to smart cell phones that allow an optical zoom of up to 5X.

The name of this system is 5x Dual Camera Zoom. It is composed of two sensors. One of them is wide-angle and the other is a telephoto lens that allows perpendicular rotation of up to 90 degrees inside the device, thanks to this last feature can be deflected light by means of a rotating prism in increments of 0.0025 degrees so that it reaches the sensor optimally.

As you zoom in on something, an Optical Image Stabilization System (OIS) will operate to avoid any imperfections.

While this Oppo technology is relatively new, one might think that it would encompass a considerable size when it is placed on a smartphone, more being something newly developed. But let me tell you – fortunately – you’re wrong.The Asian firm says the module is 5.7 millimeters (0.22 inches) thick.

Finally, as it could not be for less, Oppo emphasized that its new product allows approaching without losing any quality. As a sign of this, they have left an image where a demonstration of their application is given.

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