The next processor Samsung have a speed of 3GHz- Really?

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And  they began to appear the first rumors about the upcoming processor South Korean manufacturer Samsung , which could possibly lead within the next Galaxy S8 .

According to these rumors lead as the processor name Exynos 8895 and stand out for being one of the first mobile processors to reach 3GHz speed.


At the moment the number of cores that integrate this powerful SoC are unknown, but is believed to be a processor 10nm, besides being “supposedly” up to 70% faster image processing and will consume not exceed 5W .

But they quickly try this application processor Geekbench to get an idea of its power. As leaked, the next Exynos 8895 scored 2,301 points in the single core test, while multiple cores reached 7,019 points.

Of course, all this are just rumors and is the only existing information on this processor yet.
With information from PhoneArena

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