Microsoft executive confirms new Nokia phones incoming!

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A few days ago was released the same CEO of the Finnish company Nokia, it has reserved a place to give a lecture at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2017. While at the time this did not ensure that new equipment would talk about today we have something that dictates otherwise.

As recently CEO for the Asia-Pacific Microsoft – current owner of the mobile division of Nokia until year end – James Rutherfoord, it has announced that the company HMD plans to manufacture some equipment to Nokia , to be launched this and during the next year.

Recall that HMD, is the company that has acquired the rights to manufacture both devices Microsoft, and the same Nokia . It is expected to be launched this year two teams for the last quarter, along with the tablet D1C  that is coming and we see in recent benchmarks .

Finally, it appears that next year – finally – be the rebirth of Finnish , and hope to see teams that are able to compete for side by side with existing companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Xiaomi, etc.

And you dear reader, what do you expect to see from Nokia next year? What would be your ideal phone under the eaves of this brand?

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