How to make windows 10 look like windows 7

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If you’ve upgraded to windows 10 but don’t love what you see, there are possible ways to make Windows 10 look and act like Windows 7. That way, you can get the familiar interface you love while still taking advantage of Windows 10’s other useful features.

Windows 7-like Start Menu with Classic Shell :

Microsoft sort of brought the Start menu back in Windows 10, but it’s been given a big overhaul. If you truly want the Windows 7 Start menu back, install the free program Classic Shell. You can even download images of the Windows 7 Start orb and use that on the Taskbar for the Start menu. Not only is it more similar to Windows 7’s start menu, but it’s insanely customizable, so you can get the Start menu of your dreams.


File Explorer Look and Act Like Windows Explorer

There are a lot of changes in Windows 10’s File Explorer compared to Windows 7’s Windows Explorer. If you’re not happy with the changes, you can get the look and feel of Windows 7’s Windows Explorer back with a free tool called OldNewExplorer, along with some tweaks to the settings and registry that get rid of the ribbon, hide Quick Access, and lots more.


Add Color to the Window Title Bars :
The title bars on windows in Windows 10 are white by default. But that’s boring! Thankfully, the latest version of Windows 10 lets you add some color to the title bars in the settings, letting you make your desktop a little more like Windows 7. Just head to Settings > Personalization > Colors to change them.


Remove the Cortana Box and Task View Button from the Taskbar :

You just need to right-click on the taskbar. De-select “Show Task View Button” and go to Cortana > Hidden.


Disable the Action Center :

You can Disable it by going to Settings > System > Notifications & Actions and clicking “Turn System Icons On or Off”. From there you can turn Action Center off with a simple slider.


Log In with a Local Account Instead of a Microsoft Account :

As of Windows 8, your Windows account is tied to your Microsoft account by default, which means you log in to your computer with your Microsoft email and password. If you want to return to using a local account, like you did in Windows 7, you can revert your windows 10 account to a local one . You can also create a new local account that isn’t tied to your Microsoft account, if you prefer.  

Disable the Lock Screen :

  1. Download The DisableLockScreen.Zip .
  2.  Open the downloaded file and double-click the DisableLockScreen.reg file to disable the lock screen on your computer.
  3. Once you have imported the file, you are done – you do not even have to restart your computer.  If you want the lock screen back later, just double-click the EnableLockScreen.reg file.


Easily Access the Classic Personalization Window :


Right-click on the desktop and select New > Folder from the popup menu.

Copy and paste the following text into the name of the folder and press Enter.



The icon changes to the personalization icon and the name of the folder also changes to Personalization.

Double-click this icon to access the classic Personalization window in the Control Panel.
It isn’t as good as right-clicking, but at least you have a quick shortcut now.



That’s it.
Set Windows 7 Wallpaper and you’re done.

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