LG launch new flexible screen phones next year

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LG Smartphones with flexible displays have not had the expected success, in 2014. There were several manufacturers who ventured to manufacture devices with such technology. Which although look good, malfunction and zero interest shown by consumers ended the urge companies to continue innovating in upcoming phones such features.

Still, it seems that LG will continue venturing into this sector regardless of their bitter experience of some years ago. According to reports, the Asian firm has begun to equip one of its many factories in Gumi panels. With tools for the mass production of the new generation of flexible OLED screens, which use in future high-end mobile devices.

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The source that provided the information also details that LG works with IGNIS Innovation . A company that is responsible for developing circuits for flexible panels and screens to provide such technology required to work perfectly. It also ensures that the South Korean company will use resistant materials such as the plastic substrate so that the body of smartphones are as elastic as possible and so the screen may suffer the least damage.

So far have not revealed more details, but if the rumors are often true, it is very likely that the first half of 2017 we can see in the market, new smartphones LG flexible screen and functions that help bring back the manufacturer, who could not get back on track with their latest devices.


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