LG V30 comes with LG UX 6.0+ will offer Floating Action Bar, Face and always-listening voice unlocking

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One of the biggest criticisms of LG smartphones belonged so far the software, which compared to the competition at many corners and ends still out-round and showed, especially in the design still demand catching up. With the latest version, which celebrates its debut on the LG V30, the manufacturer tries to correct the mistakes of the past.

Even before the official presentation of the latest Phablet flagship, LG has now revealed first information about the new Android software.

One of the main features of UX 6.0+ is the so-called “floating bar”, which is to replace the characteristic second “ticker display” of the V series. Without a closer look at the functionality, LG is talking about a “fast access to frequently used functions” that the “floating bar” should offer. Judging from the screenshots, the feature is similar to the Chat Heads of the Facebook Messenger. A shortcut to the “Floating Bar” appears to float above the current screen and allows access to frequently used apps.

The lateral positioning of the “Floating Bar” reminds a little of the functionality that Samsung offers with its edge displays. Another similarity to Samsung is also found in the new search widget, which with its rounded corners on the tracks of the Galaxy S8 converts. Also new is a simplified weather widget. In the official screenshots, Berlin is already set as a place – a small indication that the LG V30 will be presented in the German capital in the framework of the IFA 2017.

For camera friends, UX 6.0+ also brings some well-liked innovations. In manual camera mode, the “Graphy” feature is used. This allows V30 owners to download not only predefined camera settings (ISO, white balance, shutter speed, etc.), but also create and share their own camera settings. In addition, LG promises an easy way to create GIFs and new features for the video camera.

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