Lenovo will sell all its phones under the brand Moto

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According to recently reported by Chinese sources, Lenovo had decided to extend the use of the brand “Moto” in all smartphones that will be produced by the company; laptops and desktops would continue to adopt the “Lenovo” brand. This means that Lenovo will not market any more terminal with your brand. Such a decision would be tied to financial results not exactly exciting in recent Lenovo fiscal quarters.

In the last quarter of the Lenovo smartphone sales and Moto, they have recorded a decline in revenue of 2 billion dollars over the past year, although compared with the previous quarter there was a revenue increase of 20%. The Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing, said that although the last quarter smartphone sales showed modest growth, the heart of Lenovo’s business consists of its tender notebooks and desktops, which corresponds to 70% of revenues annual.


There was also some change in corporate management level: Gina Qiao, formerly Senior Vice President of HR (Human Resources) Division, will take over from Chen Xudong, currently Senior Vice President of Lenovo Group and president of marketing for China’s regions and Asia Pacific. At the moment it is unclear when – and if – the process of re-branding really takes hold, or if the devices of the series “Phab ” will continue to use that brand or be absorbed into one of Moto phones lines.

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