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When talking about music downloads always comes to mind the word “piracy”, and in fact, this is not so. Many are streaming services, with Spotify at the top, that have changed the way users consume music but these need an Internet connection and the payment of a monthly fee to enjoy them.

Is it possible to download and listen to music free and legally? Yes, but we will not fool ourselves, as in the case of the books that we tackled a few days ago, the download of free music under the different licenses that exist as the Creative Commons which gives access is a vast world of independent authors and bands, Although some like the Artic Monkeys, that today fill stadiums, used this type of networks to be made known.

That is why “independent” does not mean less quality or that there is no variety, since there are artists of any musical style waiting for music lovers to offer their music, something that even begins to make more established artists, in a completely legal In portals such as those indicated below and which can be accessed in the link with the one that counts each of their names:


Perhaps the best known, where artists decide whether their music is free or with what rights is offered. In actuality, it has a base of 35,000 artists who, many of them, offer their music for free.


One of the sites that have gained more popularity in recent years since many well-known artists have used this platform to offer new themes or rarities with their fans that are then kept there for later download.


One of the best sources for finding topics that have become public domain. As in the case of books, after some time the music also happens to be in this state, and thanks to this page we will be able to download songs that are already totally free of copyright.


This is one of the best free and legal music download portals. Each band has a custom design for their space, you can listen to the disk in streaming before downloading it. The bands, in most cases, upload their complete albums or some of them for free, although sometimes they demand a payment that, on the other hand, we have the security that reaches the artists and does not stay on the way in The intermediaries.

As with books, the “internet archive” project also wants to create a vast database of royalty-free music where we can find many “oddities” like live recordings of known bands (bootlegs) and many other independent artists Which offer their non-profit discs for download.

Artist Direct

This portal, despite the name, is not a platform for the direct sale or download of artists or bands. However, if you have a good source of legal releases along with a lot of news from the music world that makes it more enjoyable to search for those songs that we want to download.


How can Amazon give music? Yes, it does. It is true that the catalog is very small. Just a dozen songs and a couple of albums a month, but you can always find some gems as this selection is constantly changing.

Known more for its fact as a musical “social network” and to discover new groups, hidden in its page there is an extensive page of free songs of music that can be downloaded and that, in addition, they are commented and valued by the rest of the users.


Everything on this page is free, and we talk about thousands of songs and has gone through a selection process by the members of the same to ensure their quality. Many categories, playlists and more can be found on this page full of lesser known but almost always very interesting artists and groups.

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