Kickass Torrents is Back

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With the arrest of the Ukranian national Artem Vaulin, the boss of world’s biggest online piracy site, Kickass Torrents (, was down for more than 2 weeks. Vaulin was arrested in Poland last week for copyright infringement, money laundering, and other charges.

Very few expected that kickass will start again. Even after Kickass the One of the most popular torrent site went down. But, now it is up again with different name .

And Now. Yes. Kickass Torrents is back and it’s creators say it’s better than before! In their statement to The Verge, the creators of the new domain claimed the site was hosted on multiple cloud servers to prevent the blockade and the hosting information was well hidden behind Cloudflare.

Kickass Torrents is not shifted to new Domain. That is .


Now that Kickass Torrents is up and running, it comes as a relief to the millions of visitors of the world’s most popular file-sharing site.

So. the Torrent is back. Good days are back.

Disclaimer : TechJunglee Do not support Kickass or anyother torrent. This post is just for infomation purpose!! 

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