iPhone 8 would include an almost frameless design, integrated Touch ID on screen, and more

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If the trend continues in recent years, Apple will introduce the new iPhone in September. There are rumors that its sale could be delayed until November due to problems of production yields centered on its screen, which could give an 180º turn to what it was doing so far.

The iPhone are not known to take much advantage of the frontal, the relation screen/frame, but the latest rumor points to that it could have a frontal design in which it would be all screen except a small frame of 4 mm on all sides.

This would lead to the Touch ID fingerprint reader would be integrated into the screen, which would be a breakthrough – the Galaxy S8 has the home button integrated into it, but not the fingerprint reader, which have placed it on the back – and the camera would also be located at the top, also behind the screen.

The design is almost taken for granted that it will be with glass back to allow for wireless charging, and the screen that would include, at the same size as the iPhone 7 and its 4.7-inch screen, would be 5.8 inches OLED. In addition, the power button would be larger and would include two points of contact for an unknown purpose.

Vía: 9to5Mac.

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