Intel Curie Technology ! Can you Create Music with Gestures ?

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Intel Curie 

Intel Curie was Created in Quarter 1 in the year 2016.  Intel Curie is based on SOC (System On Circuit) This chip runs   on Quark Processors. It features motion sensor, Bluetooth ,low energy, battery-charging and easy identification of motion and actions.


Intel's Curie
Intel’s Curie Chip

Intel Curie  has been designed very small in size  that it can be used also in wrist watches , or in any wearable part As it totally uses gestures to program. Also Intel Made lots  Wearable watches to track the steps heart rate etc. It uses Bluetooth for Communication.

Specification  : 

Intel Curie Module
Intel Curie Module

Intel® Quark™ SE Microcontroller C1000     
Processor Core
· x86 ISA-compatible CPU
· 32 MHz clock, 32-bit address bus· 8 kB 2-way L1 instruction cache


Power Management
· SoC states: Active, Sleep and Off
· Sensor subsystem: Use for Sensing active, sensing wait and
sensing standby
· Platform power is DC-DC 1.8 V, 3.3 V

· Secure boot and update
· Isolated SRAM regions
· Flash (NVM) read/write access

· 384 kB Flash +8 kB OTP Flash
· 80 kB SRAM

How It could Change Music  :  In the year 2016 , At Intel’s keynote Consumer Electronic Show. MR. A. R. Rahman  Used this Technology  To show How Music Can be played Using Hand Gestures and motions.

Check The video For a Perfect Example  :

Note The Credit For this Video Goes to : The Maxxomi

This Technology Could also be used in Drones For clicking Photographs and Videos.

Now What Do You Think, Could This Change The Future of Wearable Objects ?..

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