Install a Custom Recovery on Your Android Phone

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Hello folks, Welcome to the Android Guide at In this post we’re going to advance with installing a custom recovery to your device.

This post will go through several phases like

  • Finding a custom recovery
  • Finding a flashing tool
  • Flashing the recovery

Let’s get started without any waste of time

Things you’ll need

  • A phone with unlocked bootloader (some exceptions)
  • Basic knowledge about your device
  • Your phone’s drivers
  • Some patience


Unlock your phone’s bootloader

This varies from device to device. While some phones like OnePlus, Xiaomi and Asus are easier to unlock, some phones have tricky processes while Samsung being the exception of easiest phone to do so. You can Google about unlocking your device. We won’t provide method as it depends on your device.

Find your Flash Tool

After unlocking bootloader, head on to find your device’s flash tool.

Some are:

Samsung: ODIN

All MTK phones: SP FlashTool (Intex, Micromax etc.)

While Xiaomi doesn’t require any flashtool.

Try searching for your device’s flash tool or if you can’t find drop down your phone’s full name in comments section

Find a custom recovery

Find a compatible custom Recovery for your phone.

You can search on XDA and google for it. If you don’t find one, go here:

Some known recoveries are:

TWRP (TeamWin Recovery Project), CWM (ClockWork Mod), PhilzTouch Recovery, Red wolf Recovery, CTR (Calvin Touch Recovery) etc.

Flash using the flash tools

After downloading recoveries, put them in your PC

For Samsung phones, turn off your phone, boot into download mode by pressing Volume Down + Power + Home. Release all buttons when phone shows the warning sign. Press Volume UP to boot into Download mode.

Open Odin as administrator and connect your phone.

It will show a blue sign. Click on AP or PDA button and select your recovery from menu. And click start.

If it says passed, unplug phone and restart it.

For Xiaomi phones:

Enable USB Debugging in your phone (if not already done). Go to settings>>About Phone and tap Build Number 6-7 times to enable developer options. Then go back to Settings>>Additional Settings>>Developer Options and enable USB Debugging.

Now download and install ADB and Fastboot from here: How to setup ADB and Fastboot properly

Now connect your phone to PC and type

adb devices

and hit enter.

Your device may show a message, tap OK. Now type

adb reboot fastboot

and hit enter

Now put your custom recovery you downloaded in tools folder and rename it to recovery.img

Now in cmd, type

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

It may show some process going on and then it’ll show cursor. Now disconnect your phone and Press and Hold Volume UP + Volume DOWN + Power.  And it’ll reboot your phone to recovery.

For MTK phones:

You will get a file called scatter-file.txt along with the recovery. If you didn’t get, download stock firmware of your device, it’ll have the scatter-file

Open SP Flash Tool as administrator. Power off your phone and remove battery (if its removable, otherwise it’s okay). Now in Download tab, select scatter-load and select the scatter-file.txt you downloaded. It’ll load the recovery in tool. Untick all options and only tick recovery option. Make sure your phone is disconnected and then click download button. Now connect your phone. It will flash your recovery. Now disconnect your phone and turn it on.

If your phone isn’t listed here, and if you can’t get satisfactory answers on google, drop your comment in comments section. Our support team will try to find a solution for you.


Now head on to upcoming posts:

  • How to root
  • How to flash custom ROM?


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