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Best Icon Pack to Customize Your Android

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Your brand new Smartphone has a theme with poor Icon Pack that you just cannot digest? Here’s a Solution

You can always change something in the graphics, like its icons. In fact, there are various Icon Pack that you can download from the  Google Play Store.

Please note that mobile phones normally supplied by the Samsung, LG, Huawei … have Launchers that are unlikely to be compatible with these Icon Pack. Therefore we recommend that you get a dedicated Launcher, even free, with which to replace your Standard. It is not bad to install one: they can potentially increase the performance of your Smartphone! All the icon packages presented here have a wide compatibility with all the most used launchers, so it is difficult to find one that can not work.

Link For launcher (recommend )

 Best Icon Pack you can find at the moment

Tigad Pro

best icon packs

If you are looking for a three-dimensional feeling, Tigad can meet your needs. There is the talk of more than 7000 icons with lots of backgrounds that you can select from within the App, so it will be very difficult to remain unhappy with this package.


best icon packs

4000 icons, all roundish. Atran provides a great series of icons with a “Pallino” look for all those who want an all-around graphic. There is not much else to illustrate, generally, its strong point is to provide icons across this line.


Best Icon Pack


Best icon packs

Fans of DC and Marvel superheroes? This pack includes all the iconic characters from the series like Batman, Superman, and Hulk. It does not provide a giant library of icons, but it’s completely free, which is always a welcome thing.


Best icon packs

Continuing with the Material Desing we find Polycon, a pack of icons of a superb appearance that with a simplistic and minimalist style will decorate our Android in the best way. The only counter that has is that not all of our applications may be available, although it is expected that more will be included over time.In addition to this, Polycon counts personalized wallpapers and we can ask the developer for new icons for applications that are not supported. A beauty.




Are you trying to give your phone a minimalist look? Min is made for all this, even in the name: it can give you access to a wide range of simple, small and easy to understand icons. It’s free, but some of its contents are paid.

Well friends, up to here this personal selection has come from what I consider to be the best Icons Packs for Android. I have tried to offer options for all tastes so that they can have an idea of what they can find in the Google Play Store.

But I’m interested in knowing more about you. Do they use icons packs? Which? Do not forget to leave your comment below, and if you liked the note share it on social networks.

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