Google Rolls Out Phishing Alerts for Gmail on Android !

Siddhesh SonjePosted by

E-mail nowadays a fundamental communication tool in our work, studies … etc, and therefore it is important to be safe from threats that may affect our privacy.

For this reason, Google has released an update for its official Gmail application for Android which includes as the main novelty the possibility of warning you when a received email contains a link that leads directly to a scam.

This is better known as Phishing, a technique where you receive an email with content that pretends to be a company or family and its mission is that you deliver personal content through a special link to later commit a scam.

From now on Gmail for Android will alert you when you receive this type of emails in a way very similar to what Google Chrome does. However, there is always the possibility that this alert is wrong and therefore also gives you the possibility to report that it is an error.
The update will be available to everyone but is obviously progressively coming to all compatible devices so that you are protected from these threats on the network.

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