Google Pixel 2 will finally be revealed on 4th October

Siddhesh SonjePosted by

We have already had a lot of speculation about the upcoming smartphones from Google. You can read everything in our updated article. The latest information related to a likely launch, which should happen in October. Now a billboard announcing a specific date appears.

The above picture does not mention anything about the introduction of new Pixels, but there is a date on October 4th. That event is going to happen on that day, and according to Google, it deserves such an ad format. Now it is to be remembered that last year Pixels were introduced on October 4th.

So far, this is not a validated information, but there are clues indicating it. Specifically, we have to wait for Pixel 2 from HTC and Pixel XL 2 from LG. In addition, other devices such as the Pixel Notebook, the new Google Home, and even an assistant headset may be mentioned.

In the near future, another marketing campaign can be expected to either confirm or rebut.

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