Google Pixel 2: The design of the XL version leaked through a rendering

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Although it is not yet official, the Google Pixel 2 continues to feed the rumors. This time it is the turn of the XL version to be honored with a rendering wanting to be close to the final design.

At the sight of the many rumors against him, you may feel like you know everything about the Google Pixel 2. Despite the latest realistic concept being close to the final design, the world is looking to learn more about the smartphone. Android Police may have hit the mark. The site specializing on devices running under the Google OS was able to obtain a rendering that it qualifies as that being almost the final version of the Pixel 2 XL. Noted 8 out of 10 by their care in terms of credibility, this does not prevent to remain cautious about this escape. Let us see what we can retain.

Also known under the code name “taimen“, the Google Pixel 2 XL presented above could benefit from some changes in its finishes. Overall, purists will tell us that Google – and the alleged LG manufacturer – have not made any major changes. And they would be right. The rear panel is similar to the first-generation Pixel XL. However, the fingerprint sensor is placed on top of the front and not on the inside. Concerning the curved edges, they would not include the resolution of the 6 inch AMOLED screen. Can we dream of a borderless screen for the Google Pixel 2? Doubt seems again allowed. The camera whose lens will be larger is equipped with a LED flash. It should also be noted that,


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