Google Launches Trusted Contacts App for Android

Siddhesh SonjePosted by

Google has presented and launched within the Play Store a new application, called Contact Trust , which allows you to make known its position to people you trust . A solution that could be interesting and indispensable especially in emergency situations, but it also proves useful only to reassure family members during personal trips alone.

Once installed the app, a guide will facilitate the user in setting the various parameters, especially in the contact chosen which give access to the location. More than 50 people can be chosen, so as to send them your location whenever it is deemed necessary, or when the same contacts send their application.

In the latter scenario, if the user does not respond to the request, the trusted contact automatically receive its last position. This solution allows having access to the position even when the user’s phone is turned off. The trusted contact, upon receipt of the location of the device, can locate it on a map and trace his movements.

Therefore, if you decide to go on a trip by yourself or if you had plans to reassure the family when you turn around the city, you may download the new Google app. Software that requires a test and a depth to appreciate its usefulness and effectiveness.

The app is currently only available for Android but also coming to iOS very soon.The app is available in India on the Play Store, for free.

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