Google confirms that Pixel and Pixel XL may be Rooted

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It makes a while back, commented on the progressive closure regarding the Android operating system because it indicated that with the release of new equipment and the birth of Android 7.0 Nougat, everything was going to be a dark picture.

However, Google now steps forward to confirm those rumors that relate to the alleged closure of its equipment and the operating system. That is why the site WonderHowTo able to confirm to a spokesman for the big G, Iska Saric, indicating the following:

Yes, Pixel / Pixel XL poseedoresde who bought the device in the store Google will be able to access the root of their devices. The Pixel phones bought in the store Google will be delivered with unlockable bootloader.

No doubt this is great news for the world of developers, and I incidentally, cover some mouths indicating the progressive closure of most used operating system in the world, preserving one of the most cherished freedoms of Android.

Anyway, we should note that when making the process rooted or root access to the system, updates are lost through OTA – Over The Air – by logical security reasons.

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