How to get OnePlus 5T’s Face unlock in any smartphone

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The OnePlus 5T was just released with ton of features. The most notable feature released with the 5T was Face Unlock. OnePlus 5T’s face unlock is faster than any other smartphone out there. It is even faster than the latest IPhone X’s Face ID. If you would like to get this feature on your device then follow the steps. But, this method will work only on devices running Android Nougat and Above (7.0+).


This method will actually speed up the Google’s smart lock feature. When you’re using the Google’s smart lock face recognition , users must have to swipe up after detecting the face just like IPhone X’s Face ID.

Steps To get OnePlus 5T’s Face Unlock :

  1. Join the Beta for AutoInput

    This new auto-unlocking feature is currently in beta state. So you have to join beta program to try this. Join AutoApps Google+ Community . Now Join AutoInput Beta Program . Make sure you are using same google account which you are using on your device.

2. Download the AutoInput App

Open PlayStore and download latest version of AutoInput App.

   AutoInput For free

3. Start Free Trial and activate the Accessibility Service in AutoInput

To access the all features on AutoInput app you have to start 7 days free trial or you can buy full version of app. After starting free trial activate the accessibility service.

4. Enable ‘Auto Dismiss Keyguard’ in AutoInput

After enabling AutoInput in Accessibility Services, enable “Auto Dismiss Keyguard” by toggle.

5. Set Up Smart Lock

Now, Go to Settings –> Security (or “Security and Location” on newer phones), then tap on “Smart Lock”.  In smart lock choose option “Trusted Faces”. Now follow the process to set up your face.

After Setting up your trusted face, go back to lock screen and check the new Face unlock feature just like OnePlus 5T. The unlocking device might take some time since it is in beta . but it might work fast in your device.

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