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The brand is coming back and will do so in style. Forget about the events of last year, which forced the Notes 7 to withdrawal from the market by TKO, Samsung did not remain with our arms folded. With Galaxy S8 and S8 + Korean brand has given a boost to the renewal of the design of the device Android, push that will also be followed by Apple, which later this year will launch on the iPhone market 7s and 7s Plus but especially iPhone 8, with its borderless screen. The Korean company, to repel the onslaught of Apple, however, could launch in late August, at least according to the latest rumor, just the Notes 8, a device that promises to be very powerful, with a borderless design with the inevitable stylus.

The next Galaxy Note 8 to be just perfect. What happened last year it will be eclipsed and forgotten thanks to advanced technical specifications and a design driven, which should resume very closely that of the Galaxy S8. In fact, according to the rumor, the screen will be practically identical to that of Plus S8 variant, for a diagonal which will increase from 6.2 to 6.3 inches, for a marginal increase that will not change the aspect ratio of 18.5: 9 and in general the ‘aspect of the device. Appearance, that the initial render unofficial online presence, will be different only for the double rear photo sensor. Thanks to the dual cam, Samsung will be able to better exploit the bokeh effect and allow also a zoom without loss of quality during shooting. It should instead be differences about the processors used, with the pair Snapdragon 835 / Exynos 8895, respectively, for the American and European markets. The fact that Samsung does not push for the realization of a more powerful processor, a sort of Snapdragon 835 Plus, perhaps with higher clock frequencies, demonstrates once again how the power of the top of the current range is far beyond the real needs of the mobile devices even if the hardware point of view it seems likely that the Notes 8 will use more RAM than S8, from 4 to 6 GB . Dual rear cam aside then, the differences will be very few. But it does not forget the element that stands out most of all the notes range from the competition: the stylus. Samsung will have to find space to place it inside the body, but we are confident that there will be problems.

Likely, however, that the dimensions, but especially the thickness, are slightly higher than the Galaxy S8, also because of a battery that will certainly be more capacious than that of current models. In short, the Galaxy Note 8 should not deviate much from the current top of the range, but the certain presence of the stylus and the almost certainty of a more powerful battery could be important topics to address the choices of the public, especially the most attached to notes range.

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