The first image press filtered Pixel Google

Siddhesh SonjePosted by

After running in circles for five minutes, I can finally start writing this note. The site Venture Beat (yes, the Evan Blass ) has released the first image of Google Pixel press, in it’s 5 – inch model.

In the picture, we can see that the design is confirmed lead time ago Android Police , plus the new launcher and circular icons , including new designs and a renewed wallpaper. In addition, at the bottom, it is the new navigation bar , including the edge in the circular which knew a few days ago icon.


Other than that, we see that the phone follows the same logic in the distribution of the Nexus 5X buttons and 6P , for example. We assume that with each passing day, we will see new leaks of this kind, so if you are like us eager to know these devices must remain alert to the paperweight.

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