How Does Fingerprint Scanner Works ?

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Fingerprint Scanner , A technology invented for security purpose is mostly now available on every smartphone. The first phone to support a fingerprint sensor was Toshiba  G 500  and  G 900 launched in 2007. Afterwords in 2013 the i-phone 5S was Launched and its was the only phone with a fastest fingerprint and more features.

 Now , The Types Of Fingerprint

Basically There  are 3 Main Types of Fingerprint  Pattern in a Human Body

  • ARCH
  • LOOP

Arch : IN Arch Type Scanning The Pattern Starts running from tip of the finger and goes down to the tip of finger. Here it doesn’t stop or turn backwards. Only 5 % of total population of world has this type of fingerprint


The  lines are going up and not returning down , or Stopping – ARCH Scanning.

LOOP : This Patters are very common and they are almost found in 70% of total population in the world. LOOP patterns begin and end in a same side. In every loop there is triangle shaped pattern like a Delta where ridges meet


(Here in LOOP  Scanning it works in a Circular Way , Its Starts and stops in same place )

Whorl  : Whorl Patters in found in 25 % of total population. IN whorl Pattern the ridges form a Spiral that appears to complete a full circle. There are 4 major whorl Patters each mostly has 2 deltas.



  • Now there a 3 types of Fingerprint Sensing 
    • Optical Scanner
    • Capacitive Scanner
    • Ultrasonic Scanner

Optical Scanning 



Its is Oldest Method of capturing and Scanning Fingerprints. It actually works like a Camera, The Optical scanner Clicks photograph of the thumb place on scanner and then detects the ridges or unique marks found on the saved fingerprint and then it matches. But this can be very easy to fool as it only recognizes the photograph and the images of ridges and unique marks, any one can access it by placing the exact same design of the fingerprint to unlock. If the photograph is same it will unlock the device.

The higher the resolution of the Fingerprint , More secure it will be… !! This type of scanning is been removed from mostly every devices up to date.

Capacitive Scanning 


These Are mostly found scanners in today’s generation. It uses electronic  component called capacitors. AS like Optical Scanning this does not create a image of a print it uses small circuit to collect data of the fingerprint.

Capacitor can also store electrical charge which connects to conductive plates located on surface, This allows scanner to track details of fingerprint.

This scanning is more secured than Optical scanning as it cannot be fooled with Prosthetic image. It can only be hacked by a software tool (It needs a lot time and a professional to crack it.)

Ultrasonic Scanning 


This is the latest technology used as it consists of  transmitter  and receiver . The Ultrasonic pulse is transmitted by the pulse against the finger in this process some of the pulse is bounced and some of them is absorbed back to the sensor it also checks ridges and valleys and then reflects it to the sensor.

Ultrasonic Scanners is used in Le Eco’s  Mobile phones.

After the security code , Pattern, Pin the fingerprint Scanner is the today’s most trusted security.

Since most of things are going digital now a days use of this Scanner will be more easy and secure , Whether it could be a payment , or send a confidential data it will be needed.

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