Secure Your Facebook Data With some Tweaks in Facebook Settings

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Since The Social Media Giant Facebook Data Scandal got exposed, A lot of users have been deleting their Id’s, Official Page, Personal info and related data from Facebook. Also, #DeleteFacebook rage has begun. Till now Facebook has a total loss of 60 Billion of Share Value. Facebook has already rejected the claim that none of the data is been leaked and all the user data and password is still safe, And none of them were stolen of hacking.

Here Are some Settings through which  You could Keep Your data safe.Secure Your Facebook Data With some Tweaks in Facebook Settings.

#1 Apps and Services:

Probably 10 out of 6 application have been connected or linked to your Facebook’s Account. While You can also Disconnect their service if you want.

Step to follow :

1. Login to Your Facebook Account.
2. At the right side of desktop Click on down arrow.
3.  In General Account and Settings Search For Apps, After Clicking on it. You will find all the application to which your Facebook id is been linked.
4.  Now remove the application that you don’t trust or u have no use.

Facebook Account Settings
Apps Settings

Note: On every application, there is an option to edit, Click on it and check which info you want to provide to the 3rd party apps 

#2 Permission and Settings: 

Every application has their own permission that needs to be checked/allow to run the application properly. “But”  By allowing these access, the application can easily browse send or can save the data. You can also change this setting manually

 Steps to follow : 

Facebook Permission Manager
Permission Manager


1.  Locate settings on your smartphone.
2. Search for installed apps.
3.  Search for the Facebook app and open it.
4.   And Check for app permission and other permission
5.  Now deselect the option that you don’t want to share it with the Facebook ex (Contacts, Location, SMS, Camera etc).

#3  Facebook Messenger :

Facebook Messenger Settings
Messenger Settings

While logging on Messenger, It will always ask you allow permission to  Send, Receive and also Read Text Message on its messenger app.  Avoid this permission and never allow this, Use your own Stock Messaging app.

#4 Change your Ads Settings :

Facebook Ads Categories
Ads Categories

Ads are Basically advertising products Which let businesses and organizations connect with the people who are most likely to be interested in their products and services.

Steps To Prevent Unwanted ads :

1. Log in to your Facebook Account, And Locate to Account Settings, There at the left-hand side, you will find ads in general settings column.
2. Click on it and check all Ads Activities.
3. Now Below  Your information find Your Categories and   Choose the categories as you want, If you Don’t wan’t Any of them You could Deselect every thing as it won’t show ads.


#5 Tips to be more careful :

1. Never open FB from an unknown source (Use Genuine Application or log in from your suitable browser.)
2. Open  in incognito mode if you browse Facebook from a different device
3.  Beware of links which ask mobile no or password to proceed further. (Don’t Enter any of your personal info Unless you are 100 %sure  )

So These are some of the useful tricks and tips to keep your account and data safe.

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